International Student Costs

2020 - 2021

As an international student you must document your ability to meet all educational and living expenses for the first year of study. Below you will find a breakdown of costs to help provide you with the financial information needed to complete and submit your FSA-4 documentation. Please be reminded that this is an estimate of our annual education and living costs for international students. Tuition and fee estimates, as well as living expenses, are subject to change without notice and will usually increase each year. You must document financial support equal to or greater than the total amount below and submit the completed FSA-4 form.

Tuition (Associate Degree) $11,320.00
Tuition (Bachelor Degree) $16,980.00
Mandatory International Health Insurance $1,501.00
Mandatory Fees $1,694.00
Books and Supplies $1,400.00
Housing (Based on Standard Double Room) $8,730.00
Meals $6,300.00
Total Cost of Attendance for Associate Degree* $30,945.00
Total Cost of Attendance for Bachelor Degree* $36,605.00

* Please note that these are the total costs for just one academic year, not the total costs required to complete a full degree program.

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