How to Determine if You Were Awarded Federal Work Study

For at least the first month of the academic year, Federal Work-Study (FWS) jobs are only open to students awarded FWS in their Financial Aid award letter. Follow the steps below to check your award letter, or contact the Office of Financial Aid.

  1. Navigate to Web for Students.

  2. Sign in at the User Login. Your User ID is your M#; your PIN is the temporary PIN you received in your acceptance letter, unless you re-set it to a new PIN. 
    For assistance in finding your temporary PIN, contact the Office of Admissions; if you reset, but have forgotten you new PIN, click on “Forgot PIN’” icon, or contact the Office of the Registrar.

  3. Click on “Student Information & Financial Aid”

After logging into Web for Students, click on "Student Information & Financial Aid."

  1. Click on “Financial Aid.”

  2. Click on “Award.”

  3. Click on “Award for Aid Year.”

Click on "Financial Aid," then "Award," followed by "Award for Aid Year."

  1. Select Aid Year “Fall 2019-Spring 2020” from the drop down menu, then click on the “Submit” button.

  2. Select the “Award Overview” tab.

  3. If you were awarded FWS there will be a line item entitled “Federal Work-Study Program” on your award letter.

Select your aid year from the dropdown, then click on the "Award Overview" tab. If you were awarded FWS, there will be a line item titled "Federal Work-Study Program" on your award letter.