Pre-College Summer Institute

Wednesday, July 6 - Friday, August 5, 2022

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Pre-College Summer Institute (PCI) is required for EOP admission at SUNY Morrisville. The program is residential and therefore, follows all associated COVID campus safety protocols. For the most up-to-date information, please view our current Health & Safety Guidelines. Please contact the EOP office at for details.

EOP students are conditionally admitted and required to participate in the Pre-College Summer Institute (PCI). The Pre-College Summer Institute is a five-week intensive summer program that is designed to assist students with the adjustment to college and provide a foundation for academic success. PCI also offers a comprehensive academic and personal support system that is structured to help students succeed both personally and professionally. The program is comprised of three developmental components: academic, interpersonal and residential. Additionally, PCI is intended to address five educational priorities:

  1. Skill and habit building
  2. Knowledge of resources
  3. Community building
  4. Applied learning
  5. Cultural competency

Skill and Habit Building

Skill and habit building refers to our students developing sustainable techniques for achieving mastery level in the completion of college work and setting higher academic standards for their personal achievement.

Knowledge of Resources

Students will attain a working knowledge of the resources available at SUNY Morrisville. Students will learn how to identify pertinent resources and how to use them to enhance their academic performance. 

Community Building

The Pre-College Summer Institute will incorporate programmatic material that provides students the opportunity for community building and fellowship. Students will:

  1. Develop a sense of engagement, community and commitment to the goals and objectives of EOP;
  2. Become cognizant of semester opportunities for co-curricular involvement; and
  3. Interpret how individual identity affects group dynamics in order to build their social network.

Applied Learning

Students will demonstrate their ability to apply course knowledge through their participation in associated co-curricular activities. Students will:

  1. Be exposed to hands-on learning opportunities; and
  2. Connect hands-on learning opportunities with practical applications for their intended field of study.

Cultural Competency

Students will be introduced to foundational workshops that will develop their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusivity. Through participation in our program, students will:

  1. Participate in at least two foundational workshops that focus on elements of cultural competency; and
  2. Build their cultural competence through interactive activities and engaging discussions.

Pre-College Summer Institute Components

The Pre-College Summer Institute components are intended to support students in three key areas of college development: academics, interpersonal skills, and residential living.

The Academic Component

The Academic Component of the Pre-College Summer Institute encompasses all courses and seminars designed to prepare students for the academic year. Students will participate in college-level courses, workshops, study groups, and academic coaching. During the summer, PCI students will be evaluated in multiple academic areas for college readiness.

The Interpersonal Skills Component

The Interpersonal Skills component is designed to provide students with important information through presentations from a wide variety of SUNY Morrisville faculty, staff, and administrators. Additionally, the interpersonal skills component incorporates counseling techniques designed to maximize student co-curricular development. Counseling consists of providing students both group and individual counseling sessions that will be offered semi-daily during the summer program.

The Residential Component

The Residential Component provides students with a safe and comfortable environment for living and learning. Peer staff are responsible for monitoring and securing the residence hall, developing and supervising recreational activities and programs such as games, movies, and group discussions, and encouraging and modeling behavior conducive to communal living. The Pre-College Summer Institute follows all associated COVID campus safety protocols. For the most up-to-date information, please view our current Health & Safety Guidelines.

Meal Service

The Educational Opportunity Program provides all program meals at no charge to our students, seven days a week. Food service is provided through our campus by the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC). The meals during our summer program are also sponsored and financially supported by the New York State Education Department Summer Food Service Program. More information about the NYSED SFSP can be found here.

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