It is important to stay organized. This is the first step on a very important journey. The following checklist is provided to help you stay on track with your success, as you begin your career with us in the summer program:

  • Review summer enrollment forms. They are included in your Web for Students.
  • Review "What to Pack" & make a list of items needed.
  • Parent and student read "Frequently Asked Questions."
  • Make appointment to see medical professional to obtain proof of immunizations.
  • Make appointment to see medical professional to get general student physical exam and to complete all required medical forms. Send these directly to Health Services prior to arrival on campus.
  • Make a copy of student’s health/medical insurance/ID card. Bring a picture or printed copy. 
  • Make an appointment to complete all COVID-19 vaccine policy. requirements. The campuses COVID-19 vaccine policy can be found here.
  • Make initial travel plans; Arrival is Wednesday, July 6, between 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Confirm travel plans - check directions, maps, tickets, etc.
  • Note actual departure time & contact the EOP Office if arrival time has changed or if you have any special travel issues.
  • Review travel plans and complete the Arrival/Travel form
  • Parent/guardian and student discuss FERPA 
  • If Student is UNDER 18, sign Under 18 Participation Consent form
  • Mail/fax/submit the following forms to the EOP Office not later than Friday, June 17,2022; Contact EOP Office if forms are not sent    
    • Arrival/Travel form 
    • [If Student is UNDER 18] - Under 18 Participation Consent form 
  • Check that all items are packed/loaded and ready to go and make sure you follow all check-in instructions, once provided.

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