Tutoring Schedule

The Tutoring Schedule is organized alphabetically by subjects taught in a given semester. Under each subject, the tutors are listed by the course numbers that they can tutor. Each tutor has days and times when they are available for tutoring sessions. While some of the tutors’ hours are for drop-in assistance, other hours are available only by appointment. 

The Tutoring Schedule is usually updated on a weekly basis during fall and spring semesters to add newly hired tutors and to make changes to tutors’ hours as needed.


Students can book tutoring appointments through Starfish using the following instructions:


Students who do not see a tutor listed for a particular course or whose schedule does not work with a tutor’s hours should submit a Tutor Request Form. Tutoring requests for Fall 2021 should be submitted no later than Friday, October 8.

Tutoring usually begins on the first day of classes and is in recess during breaks in classes, such as Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break.