SUNY Morrisville’s Fall 2023 COVID-19 Protocols

The COVID situation has changed significantly over the last several years. Higher vaccination rates, natural immunity, lower rates of infection, and generally less severe variants have led to an increased relaxation of mandates. SUNY’s revised guidance reflects current conditions and is grounded in science to maximize the well-being of the community. These protocols are subject to change as COVID conditions evolve.

Vaccination for Students

While COVID vaccines are not required at this time, SUNY reserves the authority to change this policy at any time because of changes in local conditions or due to requirements imposed by Federal, State or local authorities.

All SUNY Morrisville students are strongly encouraged to stay up to date on their initial course of COVID vaccinations and boosters consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

Students enrolled in any academic program or course or who are participating in a clinical internship held at a third-party location must continue to comply with all health and safety guidelines, including any vaccination or testing protocols that are in place at the third-party location.

Monitor your Health

  1. All students, regardless of vaccination status, are encouraged to seek medical care (either at the Student Health Center or local Urgent Care or Emergency Room) if they are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID.
  2. The Student Health Center can perform diagnostic COVID testing free of charge on symptomatic students. At home COVID test kits are also available at the Student Health Center free of charge. Guidelines for COVID testing can be found here.
  3. All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, are encouraged to wear a high-quality mask when around others and in indoor spaces if experiencing symptoms associated with COVID, even mild symptoms. Masks are available at the Student Health Center free of charge.


Students who test positive for COVID will be required to isolate. Students are encouraged to isolate off campus whenever possible. For situations in which isolating off campus is not possible, students may remain in their room just as with the flu, strep throat, or other illnesses.

Students who receive a positive COVID-19 test, either from an off-campus provider or an at home test, should notify the Student Health Center as soon as possible regarding their diagnosis. Students should engage in protective measures per CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of illness to the greatest extent possible: 

  • Wear a high-quality mask to protect others from getting infected
  • Tell people you have had recent contact with that they may have been exposed

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