Mustang Mondays

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  • Monday, July 17th
  • Monday, July 24th
  • Monday, August 7th
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Public event
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We are thrilled you have decided to become a Morrisville Mustang! Throughout the next few months we will work together
to ensure you have all of the tools you need to have a successful first semester. Please be sure to complete the following four steps:

1. Finalize your Morrisville Email Setup - You are a Mustang now! This means it will be very important for you to activate and begin checking your Morrisville email for upcoming deadlines and important information, including the Student Email Digest provided every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

2. Complete your Mustang Modules - Beginning June 1, check your Morrisville email for instructions on how to access and complete your Mustang Modules! These modules will provide you helpful information that will be important to navigate your first semester.

3. Complete Math Placement Exam - Instructions for how to complete your Math Placement Exam were emailed to you shortly after you submitted your admission deposit. If you have not already done so, please complete your math placement as soon as possible so your Fall 2023 schedule can be updated as needed.

4. Register and Attend Mustang Mondays - Registration for On-Campus Mustang Mondays through your New Student Portal. Attendance is required at one session for all new 2023 students. (EOP students will be automatically registered for July 17th, during your summer program.) Use your Morrisville Email and Password to log on. On your New Student Portal, you'll find important dates to remember and information to help you be prepared for the Fall.

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