SUNY Fall 2021 Esports League

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SUNY Fall 2021 Esports League Schedule

Registration: Tuesday, August 24 - Thursday, September 23 at 5 p.m.

Regular Season: September 27 - November 5. SUNY Morrisville competitors will be Monday-Thursday at 8:00pm ET.

Playoffs: November 8 - 19 and November 29 - December 10. More information when playoff teams are announced.

Catch the action LIVE on Twitch!

The Morrisville_Gamers Twitch channel will select a streaming competitor to host.

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Sponsored by the SUNY Morrisville Campus Activities Board!

A SUNY League coordinated by LeagueSpot, the SUNY Fall 2021 Esports League is now under way!

SUNY Morrisville will be competing in the following games for the Regular Season: 

  • Mondays
    • Guilty Gear Strive PS4 1v1: Ricardo Gibson (SageLeader34). Twitch Channel: Shiruya12
  • Tuesdays
    • Rocket League Team A PC 3v3: Ryan Creenan (Creenshow), Rob Haak (Hawk_eye1684), Soren Bredeson (Psyhound). Twitch Channels: Psyhound21 ; RCreenan35
    • Rocket League Team B PC 3v3: Seth Stevens (Sethsith21), Donnie Bowles (Chicken), Johnathan Bullis (johnbullis). Twitch Channels: sethsith4993
  • Wednesdays
    • Call of Duty: Warzone Trios Crossplay: Harlan Gates (BTFU5221), Tyshaun Bellamy (Formless Fear), Amond Baker (acbbaker), William Elia (wille470). Twitch Channels: BTFU5521 ; DeadlyInvocation
    • VALORANT PC 5v5: Seth Stevens (Sethsith21), Caleb Brazeau (Potatoslayer3), Donnie Bowles (Chicken), Thiep Lual (TP), Zachariah O’Connor (awesomeclock)
  • Thursdays
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch 1v1: Sam Bell (B0b)
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch 1v1: Alex Woods (DaVexx)

All details related to the schedule of the games are listed under the event dates. Cheer on your favorite team by clicking on the individual streamer link, or go to SUNY Morrisville's Official Twitch Channel to watch the hosted stream for the night!

Contact the SUNY Morrisville Esports Staff Representative, Angela Rhodes, with any questions: