Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in education. It reads: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” These protections are not just for students; faculty and staff also are covered by the protections of Title IX.

VAWA – Violence Against Women Act is a federal law first passed in 1994 most recently reauthorized in 2013. It outlines procedures for handling, investigating reports and has educational requirements for campuses.

The Title IX coordinator for SUNY Morrisville is Isabella Lambert, who can be reached at 315.684.6997 or via email at lamberie@morrisville.edu.

The types of activities that invoke Title IX protections include gender discrimination, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and/or stalking.

If a person has experienced any of the behaviors described, the following resources are available:

  • For medical attention, students can go to the Matthias Student Health Center, contact the Center at 315.684.6078, or call University Police at 315.684.6410 or 911.
  • For immediate concern regarding physical safety, contact University Police at 315.684.6410 or 911.
  • To discuss the situation with a counselor, contact Counseling Services in the Matthias Student Health Center at 315.684.6078.

Additionally, those who have experienced behavior noted above have the right to:

  • Have disclosures of sexual violence treated seriously.
  • Maintain their anonymity and file a complaint/grievance with the Title IX Coordinator, and participate in the student conduct or legal process.
  • Be treated with dignity, courtesy, fairness, and receive respectful health care and counseling services.
  • Be free from any suggestion that the complainant is at fault when these crimes and violations are committed.
  • Describe the incident to as few individuals as practicable and not to be required to unnecessarily repeat a description of the incident.
  • Be free from retaliation by the College, the respondent, and/or their friends, family and acquaintances.
  • Exercise civil rights and practice of religion without interference by the Title IX investigative, criminal justice, or conduct process of the College.

Options in Brief

Complainants/respondents have many options that can be pursued simultaneously, including one or more of the following:

  • SUNY Morrisville University Police can assist complainants/respondents in filing criminal charges with local criminal courts.
  • SUNY Morrisville University Police can provide guidance on how to obtain a restraining order/no contact order and will assist with the enforcing the order.
    • SUNY Morrisville University Police Department: Brooks Hall, 315.684.6410 or 911
  • When the complaint involves a College employee, a victim may report the incident to the Office of Human Resources, where disciplinary proceedings will be conducted in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements. For additional information please contact:
  • To file a report of discrimination and harassment, and/or talk to the Title IX Coordinator for information and assistance. Reports of discrimination and harassment will be investigated in accordance with the SUNY Morrisville policy. For additional information please contact:
    • The Title IX coordinator for SUNY Morrisville is Isabella Lambert, who can be reached at 315.684.6997 or via email at lamberie@morrisville.edu.
  • To have any student conduct or employee disciplinary proceeding and/or discrimination complaint investigated in a prompt, impartial and thorough manner.
  • To pursue more than one of the above options at the same time, or to choose not to participate in any of the above options. Please note that if a criminal complaint is filed, SUNY Morrisville may delay its investigation while the law enforcement agency is gathering evidence.
  • To maintain privacy regarding the incident and any disciplinary proceedings and/or discrimination complaints. Campus officials will only provide information as necessary to proceed with a hearing or complaint investigation.
  • To choose to speak, or not to speak, about the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

While compliance with the law is everyone's responsibility, oversight of SUNY Morrisville's compliance with Title IX is the responsibility of the Title IX Coordinator. Questions or concerns regarding Title IX should be directed to Isabella Lambert, SUNY Morrisville's Title IX Coordinator, or the individuals listed below.

Isabella Lambert, Title IX, Basic Needs, and Belonging Coordinator
Helyar Hall, Room 112A

Shannon Wiley, Coordinator of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Helyar Hall, Room 101

Timothy Penix, Vice President of the Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center
100 New Street

Do you believe you have been a victim of sexual misconduct? Whether or not you reported the incident to the college, we'd like your opinion on how we can improve the effectiveness of our campus policies and procedures that address sexual misconduct. We welcome your suggestions and/or feedback.

Visit the Sexual Assault & Violence Response (SAVR) website - Watch the video

Campus Climate Survey

SUNY Morrisville administered the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Campus Climate Survey from February 15 through March 26, 2021, which was intended to gather information about the rate of incidents of interpersonal and sexual violence and knowledge of policies and resources. By law, every SUNY campus is required to participate in this biennial survey project. Additionally, per SUNY policy and compliance with the New York State Education Law Article 129B ("Enough is Enough"), this uniform survey ascertains student and employee awareness of policies and resources as well as student and employees experience with and knowledge of reporting and college conduct processes for sexual harassment, including sexual violence and other related crimes. Individual responses were kept strictly confidential.

Executive Summary

Between February 15 through March 26, 2021, our campus conducted the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Campus Climate Survey. The survey was administered to students, faculty and staff. Morrisville had an excellent response rate of 21% of students and 42% of employees completing the survey, while SUNY only had an 15% overall student response rate.  

Results also indicate that students are generally aware of policies, laws, and resources, including the role of the Title IX Coordinator, the SUNY definition of affirmative consent, and the difference between the college disciplinary system and penal laws Specifically, 87% of respondents noted that they were aware of campus policies and procedures related to interpersonal and sexual violence. Yet only 51% knew how or where to find the Title IX Coordinator.  Additionally, survey results indicated that more prevention education needs to be done to encourage students to seek support services or to exercise their option to report the incident for formal action (i.e., criminal or conduct action). As survey results showed that 80% of respondents did not tell anyone about their assault; 92% of respondents did not seek a remedy through the campus conduct process and; 50% of respondents did not feel their assault was important enough to report.

The survey results also indicated that 84% of College employees are generally aware of the policies and laws, and resources, and 93% are aware of the Title IX Coordinator's role on campus. There is an indication that more information, outreach, and training is needed to ensure that employees are able to receive a disclosure and/or have the resources needed to support another person who has experienced an act of interpersonal violence.

SUNY Morrisville, working with SUNY and community colleagues (including students, faculty, and staff), will use these data to improve response to violence, develop prevention programs, and will continue to study the issue. The next SVP Campus Climate Survey will be administered in Spring 2023. More information about the Survey is available on the SUNY website.



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